Company Profile

Since our inception in 2001 (Singapore) 2004 (Malaysia), V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD has achieved recognition as an innovative electrical contractor.

In the humble beginning, V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD as a Sub-Contractor since then, it has grown leaps to M&E Contractor since 2008.We specialise and provides electrical engineering service for construction, commercial and industry. Our business running for project is already base the reputation in construction. This was the testimony reflecting the management and staff commitment to provide the utmost professional and dedicated service to our client.

V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD led by a team of caliber engineers,competent person and experience senior from diversified backgrounds, provides a range of professional mechanical & electrical services. Our company also registered with CIDB & Suruhanjaya Tenaga.
Our Mission

At V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD our mission is simple. Through our proven M&E system solutions, we aim to support clients immensely - with new and a wide range of product, service and solution offerings in the dynamic domestic and international markets. Leveraging our global capabilities, unparalleled services, and phenomenal product quality are also key ingredients in our strategy to realize this mission.
Our Vision

Under the leadership of our founder, MR. YEW POH HUAT, V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD goes all our for continued growth to fulfill our vision - to becoming one of the largest power system solution providers in Malaysia, while also establishing itself as one of the major players on the international scene.
Our Value
The value of V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD bears the major components such as determination, people, productivity, efficiency, quality, customer and innovation. These values also serve as our founding principles that have helped our company achieve extraordinary results.

The outstanding results that V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD has achieved always lend power to a compelling truth: when our people work arm-in-arm towards common goals with attention to quality,passion and dedication, miracles can happen. Our team-oriented and employee-driven corporate culture has also catapulted us to become the employer of choice by many. Every person working here at V&V inspires each other every single day in what they do.

We are one big family in which expertise and talent are paramount, and everyone is enjoying what they are doing. We have achieved substantial success through investing in people to develop their talent and expertise; and consistently attracting and retaining the industry’s top performers. Growing, evolving, and innovating are the very essences that have distinguished V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD .

The high quality of electical system solution at V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD yields the greater productivity for your company. The faster you harvest the potential of our solutions, the faster you will create a competitive edge for your business. At V&V, we are a group of passionate people striving hard to bring quality electrical system solutions to reshape your business performance. Delivering exquisite quality to you is our goal deep-rooted in our value system and we compromise nothing to attain this objective.

V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD is a surefire way for your business to reduce cost, time, risk, energy and waste from your operations. Essentially V&V is going to help your business save and make money through thriving productivity and efficiency. This is because our first- rate solutions are going to deliver and accelerate strong organic growth for your business in the longer term.

We focus to deliver suitable and a wide array of system solutions and integration plans for our clients that fit your requirements. V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD addresses the needs of diverse solutions and services in an everevolving industrial environment with a future-ready offering. We as a company are continually inspired by you – our valued clients, to embrace new ideas and innovations.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We have a strong reputation of being a customer-oriented company and possess extensive network of customer relationships. This can be further identified in our consistently new, cutting-edge product innovations and customer services. Therefore, not surprisingly, by placing our customer’s needs first, V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD has becomea household name in Malaysia, particularly in Johor Bahru.

We are completely dedicated to creating added value and giving forth the very best power system solutions. V&V ENGINEERING SDN BHD delivers dedicated and proactive experts who take responsibility and make a difference for you and your business. We provide support and guidance at every stage of the value chain, from professional advice during early installation to maintenance and afterservice. Years of dedication, hard work, and determination have helped V&V delight clients by exceeding your expectations in terms of added-value, consistency, and quality.
SSM Certificate